Yellow Angels (2 Year Olds)

This a very unique age. Students are exploring more and becoming more aware of their enivornment. They will learn through play and questions.

Language Arts:

  • Language Development
  • Listening Skills
  • Color Words
  • Shapes/Animal
  • Transportation
  • Countries
  • Community Helpers
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Manners
  • Science


  • Simple Counting 1-25
  • Number Concepts 1-10


  • Hymns/Choruses
  • Memory Verses

Fine Arts

  • Music
  • Arts and Crafts


  • Creative play is one of the things that children enjoy doing. In centers they will do dress up, house play, art, and so much more. Teachers will supervise center time.
  • Students at this age will start mastering their cognitive skills
  • Introducing to potty training
  • Dramatic play, sand and water center, problem solving and matching skills