Green Angels (Infants)

This is a very special age. Children will be in their separate class per age group. It is our responsibility to make sure your child is growing at their own place. You will be given a daily sheet of what happened at the center for that day. Our job is to be the mom and dad for you while you are taking care of other things. Your child is our child. Your babies are in a safe, loving and protected environment.

Your child is read to everyday and go outside 2-3 times daily for a stroll in the bye-bye buggy. This is a fun time for them. At this age we allow the children to learn and develop at their own pace and level. Each child nap daily as needed and pampers are changed as needed. We let you know what type of day your child had, example happy, sad, grumpy, or didn’t eat. No parent will never be dissatisfied, this we promise to you. We still hold babies and let them sleep in our arms whatever the need is we take care of it for you. Your child is a VERY SPECIAL CHILD to us. (VIP)

Daily Activities Include

  • Read Bible stories
  • Listen to Bible songs
  • Go riding in bye bye buggy
  • Play time
  • Sleep/nap time
  • Eat time
  • Christian environment
  • Sensory experiences emphasis