All About Us


The mission of Harvest Christian Preschool is to provide a quality education in a Christian environment. We purpose to meet the needs of each child spiritually, socially, and academically. Our primary interests at Harvest Christian Preschool are putting God first, and providing the highest quality early education from a Christian centered curriculum. Our founder, Dr. Rosa Herman has a mandate from God to provide and equip the next generation with Christian leadership skills. In accomplishing this goal, Christian values and academic skills will be taught daily. It is our vision that every child become a successful, productive member of the community.


  • To provide an appropriate balance of opportunity for spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social aspects concerning the growth of the children.
  • To develop the spirit, soul and body of the young.
  • To implement continuous programs to maximize the children's ability to learn.
  • To work closely with the parents, students and community building relationships of trust with the school and throughout the community.

Harvest Christian Preschool helps children understand the nature and attributes of God while mentoring them for the future. The teaching of God’s Word helps children understand the need to have a personal relationship with God. On a continuous basis each child is taught in a positive manner to respect the rules for daily life that are found in God’s Word. By doing this children develop a humble spirit and have the ability to evaluate what they see and hear. We encourage each child to identify the truth in a positive environment.